A renewed spirit in voting in Baramulla

A voter expressed voting was a deeply fulfilling experience. He was the fourth person in line at the polling station, and it felt momentous as he cast his vote after many years. His heart swelled with happiness and pride, knowing that we are progressing towards development and praying for continued peace. He made a dedicated effort to vote for the representatives who he believed is the best candidate. The individual, if elected to Parliament, will work tirelessly to represent us and advocate for the benefit of our board and local area. This election felt particularly significant to him, as he had never witnessed such interest and passion among the people. Nearly 30 years have passed since he last saw this level of engagement. Reflecting on the past, he realised how much has changed since he was young. Now retired, he saw many of his contemporaries sharing the same enthusiasm for this democratic process. The atmosphere at the polling station was heartening. People from every political party came together without any fights or arguments. The peaceful nature of the event was supported by the presence and cooperation of the general police and security personnel, ensuring a smooth and orderly voting process. This peaceful and well-organized voting process fills him with hope for his future. It demonstrates that, despite the passage of time and the changes in their lives, the commitment to democratic principles and the collective effort to shape a better future remain strong.This experience reaffirmed his belief in the power of voting and the importance of participating in the democratic process.

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