Ensuring Inclusive and empowered voting in Kupwara district

DC Kupwara stated, Ayushi Sudan white talking to KA correspondent stated “In Kupwara district, we are committed to ensuring a smooth and inclusive voting process across our 611 polling stations. Every station is fully equipped with essential facilities such as water, electricity, and sanitation, ensuring a comfortable voting experience for all. “In areas with greater prosperity, we’ve allocated four polling stations per segment to accommodate the population efficiently. On election day, a special arrangement will see each polling station staffed to the capacity of a green polling station, ensuring adequate personnel and resources. “Our focus on inclusivity and empowerment is particularly strong when it comes to female participation. We have established pink polling stations, entirely managed by women, including polling officers, micro observers, and security staff. This initiative aims to send a powerful message of empowerment to women and girls across the district, encouraging them to actively participate in the democratic process. “We urge all residents of Kupwara to come out in large numbers and vote, participating in what is truly the largest democratic exercise in the world. Voting is not only a civic duty but a powerful tool for shaping our future. Polling stations will be open from 7 AM until the evening, ensuring ample time for everyone within a two-kilometer radius to cast their vote as per ECI norms. “We have also made special provisions for voters with disabilities, ensuring they have the necessary support to vote comfortably. “To all the women in Kupwara, we especially encourage you to come forward and vote. Your participation is crucial, and we have made every effort to provide full facilities to ensure your voting experience is as seamless as possible. “Let’s all take part in this important democratic process and make our voices heard.”

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