42,000 youth players in Jammu and Kashmir participated in LG Rolling Trophy

Speaking at the LG Rolling Trophy event in Kashmir, the Lieutenant Governor, Shri Manoj Sinha said that Man of the Match, Man of the Series and all the 42,000 youth players must come out as true icons of sports. Their superb performance and behaviour on the ground as well as outside the ground have influenced the innumerable youth of Jammu and Kashmir. The Youth and Sports Department, Mission Youth and Sports Council together took the decision to organise the LG Rolling Trophy. And the 42,00 Panchayats in the Union Territory started a new tradition of sports. Talent identification and search were done in villages. Panchayats started competition in sports. To provide promising players excellence, an empowered platform has been provided by the LG Rolling Trophy. The sports event helps in finding true talent as well as strengthens social cohesion. It also enhances national pride. The building of friendship, courtesy and sportsmanship help in raising sports culture and character in the youth. To strengthen brotherhood and team spirit these qualities are significant in building their future. Jammu and Kashmir has reached a new stage in the world of sports, said the Lieutenant Governor. Three years ago, Jammu and Kashmir had resolved under the guidance of PM Narendra Modi to overcome all obstacles and difficulties. During the Corona pandemic the playgrounds and college campuses were deserted for some time. The youth with renewed thinking came back to overcome these difficulties. A number of youth who were led astray by handing stones in their hands, today their hands are holding hockey sticks, cricket bats, tennis and badminton rackets. These youth are the real champions of their lives. With new self-confidence they are building their new future and also glorifying the name of Jammu and Kashmir, the LG concluded.

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