Women power bigger than society or nation, LG states at SARAS Aajeevika Fair in Srinagar

वह सर उठाकर चलती है उसकी आँखें सीधे देखती हैं उसके अपने सिद्धांत हैं जो किसी से नहीं डरते वह अज्ञानता को दूर भगाती है और अपने अनुभवी मस्तिष्क से जीवन के आनंद का स्वागत करती है यह उभरती हुई नारी शक्ति का धर्म हैI Women power is the self confidence of a nation, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha said in Kashmir. The reflection of that feminine power is being witnessed in the SARAS Aajeevika Fair in Srinagar. I believe the progress that is happening in Jammu and Kashmir and the nation, the social and economic change that is taking place, naturally it is being led by women today, the LG remarked. Providing opportunities to them with equality in every sector has been the aim of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the target of Jammu and Kashmir administration to promote women entrepreneurship in J&K in the spirit of holistic, equitable and sustainable development. One thing is clear, our sisters are going to lead the Atmanirbhar campaign in J&K in the future. I can say with self-confidence that under the guidance of our PM, in the field of women empowerment, India has made significant progress. Today, crores of women have associated with 81 lakh Self Help Groups to lay the foundation stone for the progress of self and society. Discrimination was taking place for a long time in Jammu and Kashmir under the regressive law. After the historic decision in 2019, women are getting their due. In the past forty-two months, literacy, health, employability and in the matters of business, attempt has been made to give them equal rights as men. The power of women is bigger than any family, society, state or nation. So strengthening and empowering women power is one of the most important tasks in our administration’s agenda. I have full faith that given the right opportunity and environment, women power can attain significant breakthroughs not only in the industry but in every sector, the Lieutenant Governor said. Goswami Tulsidas had written in a poem that neither the life of a man nor the progress of the society can be imagined without women power. The LG said that he himself had witnessed this in the past 42 months from Reasi to Bandipora and from Rajouri to Baramulla, in all these districts women are holding the command of progress.

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