Youth excited about G2O meet and Srinagar transforming into a Smart City before their eyes

Ahead of the G20 Meet in Kashmir, the youth of Kashmir spoke about the importance the event will have on Kashmir. People from 20 different countries will congregate here for the prestigious G20 Meet. Srinagar is totally gearing up for the meet. Repair and renovation work is going under Smart City development so that visitors take a good impression of Kashmir and fall in love with the beauty of Kashmir, said a youth. G20 is a good step that will boost tremendous global tourism in Kashmir, the male youth added. The people who will be coming from different geographies will explore the beautiful nature that surrounds Kashmir. The government has launched different projects under Smart City Srinagar to develop certain areas that will add to Kashmir’s beauty. Kashmir is already famous as the Switzerland of India. After completion of all the beautification and redevelopment projects, Srinagar will become all the more beautiful, said the youth, talking about the recently renovated Lal Chowk and Polo View market. The females in Srinagar also praised the development work and said earlier they used to face traffic jams and bad roads but now those problems are over. The Nishat Garden seems like we have come somewhere else. All these development work will add to Kashmir’s beauty and make it more beautiful and will attract lots of tourists. Earlier, tourists who visited Kashmir were few, hence not much development happened. After the announcement of the G20 Meet, the environment in Kashmir is changing. Lots of improvements are happening. We are expecting lots of foreign tourists to arrive apart from domestic tourists. Previously things were bad. Now things are fine here too. There is no issue like strikes, closure of schools etc. Today, J&K students are not suffering any loss related to education. Schools are running on time. I feel J&K is changing in many ways. Roads are getting developed. Hospitals are being constructed. Whatever we need in today’s times, all those facilities are being provided to us, our needs are being fulfilled by the government, a male youth said. Kashmir was far behind two years ago. But now Kashmir has become quite new. If we go by MA Road in Kashmir it feels like the road in London or Paris, said a female youth excited about the developments happening in Kashmir.

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