Young pilgrim walks barefoot to Amarnath holy cave

Young traveller Harish Vaishnav is doing India Tour Pilgrimage on foot. There is a lot of enthusiasm in my mind that I should do darshan soon. It is the devotion of the mind and the faith that has drawn me to Baba Barfani, said Harish. He believes if we show devotion to God then there should be satisfaction of the mind. Bhole ji did not tell me to walk barefoot, said Harish. I could have come by car but this was my desire. The intention behind this barefoot pilgrimage tour is to show solidarity with soldiers posted on the borders of India who are day and night protecting the nation. He started the yatra on foot on April 16, 2023. He has decided to walk for 1100 days. Two-and-a-half years ago Harish never lit an agarbatti nor knew aarti, or any sloka or the Hanuman Chalisa. Now this is where the grace of God has taken him to. So the yatra on foot is dedicated to the soldiers who stay awake in the night so that we can sleep peacefully. If there is a problem while travelling on foot, then the solution also comes out, says Harish. Sometimes I have trouble staying at night. I generally stay at temples, Matt and ashram. Sometimes I even stay at the police station. When I crossed Jammu-Udhampur then I was staying at army camps. By the grace of the Bhole, the blessings of all the saints and the desire of one’s mind I have been able to progress on the yatra. My parents were a little tense. When children my age go to other villages they get tense. I travelled five states further away from our place to Jammu and Kashmir so they were tense. But I keep talking to them about my whereabouts. The young pilgrim imparted a few words of advice. He said we must serve the cows and keep the environment clean. The trees and plants which are giving oxygen for free should be appreciated. Do not litter any place of pilgrimage and especially don’t spread plastic waste. We came via the Pahalgam route. The Jammu Kashmir police, army, administration provide full support to the yatris and we are getting great service. Food services are available in langar, said another pilgrim during the 2023 Amarnath yatra.

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