Yatris enjoyed walking on the road constructed in Baltal for 2023 Shri Amarnathji yatra

I am very happy after coming here. The valleys here are so beautiful, a pilgrim remarked after visiting the Amarnath cave. I hardly walk three kilometres in Delhi. Here, my courage grew to such an extent that I did not know when I reached the holy shrine and now I am going back after receiving Baba’s darshan. There is so much happiness among the people. I send this message to the whole of India to come here. The atmosphere here is so nice, the people are so nice, said the pilgrim. The Army is so helpful and that is the best part of the yatra. I asked for hot water and they served me four times. We did not have walking sticks. They handed us walking sticks. We didn’t have slippers. I said I am feeling cold, they brought slippers for me, this pilgrim shared his experience. This time the facilities provided are very good by the Amarnath Shrine Board and ITBP. Last year when we came for the yatra, the road was very congested and stones used to keep falling. This time, the road is also open and there is no problem in walking The facilities provided to the pilgrims are very good. Everywhere drinking water is being supplied. We are getting to eat everywhere. The langar people are providing all kinds of facilities. So there is no problem with the facility. The facility is very good, the pilgrims remarked. Every year something new happens in the Amarnath yatra. The Shrine Board keeps monitoring the whole arrangement and is keeping a close watch on the yatra. There was no road in Baltal prior to this yatra. In this 2023 yatra, a road has been constructed and Jammu and Kashmir is progressing on the path of development with the work of tunnels and roads under construction. We enjoyed the Amarnath yatra a lot. Our body felt relaxed and tension-free after the holy darshan.

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