Working style of the world’s most popular leader revealed in “The Architect of the New BJP” 

“The Architect of the New BJP – How Narendra Modi Transformed the Party” authored by senior journalist Ajay Singh is one book that you can enjoy reading and be in agreement with it. The LG congratulating the author at the book launch on August 29, 2022 in Delhi said that Modi ji is one leader, who in public life as well as party machinery has restored personal and political morality. Although he is in politics, yet he stayed away from politics, if you remember Maharaja Janak’s ‘Videha’ perspective, likewise Modi ji has nurtured and strengthened the social system. The LG recited Jigar Moradabadi’s sher: un kā jo farz hai vo ahl-e-siyāsat jāneñ merā paiġhām mohabbat hai jahāñ tak pahuñche

The Prime Minister has adopted a different approach to traditional politics. The LG explained that Modi ji has established the capacity and strength in the party which enables him to steer the party as well as stay away.

In the book on page 159, Ajay has mentioned Modi ji’s working style. Expounding on it, the LG mentions Modi ji’s three principles: I will leave no stone unturned for the betterment of the country and society. Secondly, I will not do anything for my personal gain. Thirdly, I might commit a bonafide mistake, but I will never do anything with wrong intention. The LG said that these three things are very subtle but more than that serious too. The real essence of Modi phenomenon is in the form of a world leader and a party leader, an international icon, just the way Ajay has written in the book. Modi ji’s profle is extraordinary and this is what makes him the world’s most popular leader.

This book clears up the misconceptions that people have in their minds about Mod ji. Ajay through his book has placed that Narendra Modi in front of us whom we do not know, said Ram Bahadur Rai, an eminent journalist. The Modi we know is what has been shown by the media. If you read this book, the picture that emerges in your mind will be of a different man altogether. And this is the worth of the hard work put up by Ajay Singh, the author and congratulations to him, said Ram Bahadur Rai speaking at the release of the book.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh launched the book “The Architect of the New BJP – How Narendra Modi Transformed the Party”. Speaking at the event, the Defence Minister said author Ajay Singh deserves praise as he has not allowed predecessors to enter into the book. He said, in the last few years, a dozen books have been published on Modi ji, on his personality and charisma, and on his transparent governance. But this is the only book that talks about Modi ji’s extraordinary ability and leadership with proper references. This book is not about Modi ji’s life, but written about his unmatched ability to connect with the general public. In his 50 years of political journey, how Modi ji has made the BJP party so strong and linked it to the villages of India, you will find all this in the book. The author has brought to light the organisational opportunities created by Modi ji in the book. It is, indeed, a worthwhile and authentic effort by the author said Rajnath Singh.

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