‘Women’s issue is a human issue’, remarks at a programme by the Special Cell in Kulgam

The Special Cell women organised a programme in collaboration with NSS Unit Government Degree College Kulgam in Jammu & Kashmir. The awareness programme aimed at creating awareness among the volunteers who later will represent the community. Raziya, SCW says, the gender rules have become the norms and we as society are not ready to change these norms.That is why we need to create awareness among people about these issues so that we achieve gender sensitisation. Only with awareness can there be women empowerment, says Razia. A college student Meer Javed said, through the awareness programme they realise that women are also citizens just like men. The role they are in and how they are being treated. There are biological differences, says Meer, but the rights which men enjoy, women should also get those rights. Shaima Shah, PCSC For Women, J&K said, women should be given opportunities. At the same time we must realise the discrimination happening at our ends and we must change ourselves. A female college student remarked, we see us celebrating International Women’s Day but I have never seen us celebrating International Men’s Day. This is because girls have discriminated themselves from these rights. It is our duty to help a woman or a daughter. Women’s issue is not just a women’s issue, it is a human issue, expressed the college student. The Special Cell representative said, You as a youth need to be aware as the community depends on you. So we will raise awareness in you and you in turn spread awareness in the whole society. Any woman around you who is experiencing violence, we the special cell is here to support you and you can come to us any time.

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