Why a Substantial Increase in Multiple Amarnath Yatra Participation Seen Only Among Commoners

This is my second yatra. I had come in 2018. The 2023 Amarnath yatra has become much better, said a pilgrim who is a pandit by profession. There are many facilities here, which I liked very much. You can come straight from your district to the Amarnath base camp and then go from here for Baba Barfani’s darshan. The pandit said he had relinquished food for 23 years. I don’t eat food, I eat only fruits. He carried his own utensils, a cup and plate made of wood. He had shunned the use of steel too. He had milk, juice, lassi in his wooden cup. And he ate curd and vegetables on his wooden plate. I never had to deal with a doctor in my life. There was a column here for the Amarnath yatra to get the medical done. The doctor told him he was absolutely fine. The pandit pilgrim informed he had never taken a medicine in his life. Baba is giving in everything, in sorrow, in happiness, in everything, Baba’s cooperation is there. There is nothing in the world without Baba, said the pandit.

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