What this middle aged couple from Hyderabad said about the helicopter service to Amarnath cave

This is the first time that Baba has called us for darshan. He is Mahadev-the Lord of all Gods and Guru’s Guru, Adiguru, Amarnath baba has given us an opportunity, said a group of travellers going to Amarnath cave via helicopter ride. Baba’s blessings are on us and that is why we have come together. We want to thank the Jammu and Kashmir government, the police colleagues and we saw in our journey how they have given us protection everywhere. From Neelgrath we are going to Panjtarni in a helicopter and from Panjtarni we will climb the 5-6 km trek to the Amarnath cave. Officials said around 700 people come for the helicopter ride daily and we take them to Panjtarni in three helicopters and bring them back here. The helicopter service has been arranged well by the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board, said the travellers. The staff apprise the passengers how to board the helicopter, how to get out and how to ride safely. What are the things allowed and what are not allowed in the helicopter ride- all those things are told that are necessary for the safety purposes, said passengers. We have come with a lot of desires and may Baba fulfil those, said the pilgrims. The CRPF people are very nice and all the facilities are good, people in Kashmir are very good. They are helping us in every little thing, said tourists. A middle aged couple said they have come from Hyderabad to have darshan of Baba Barfani. They are very happy with the services being provided during the Amarnath yatra. The CRPF jawans, officers are all helpful. We are not facing any problem. It seems that the virtues of many births are now being successful. It is a big thing to reach here and only those who are blessed by Baba can reach here, tell devotees. We all are feeling the thrill. Our heart is filled with Baba’s infinite grace. This is Mahadev’s place. God has called us to see it all.

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