We are getting what we had not expected, say Amarnath pilgrims at Pahalgam base camp

It was the weather in which it was very difficult to travel, pilgrims said during the suspension of the yatra. The administration had made arrangements and kept people behind, so it was done for our good. Hiking in the rain is difficult. Men can try doing it but for women and teenagers it is difficult. The administration therefore had a point in halting the yatra at Pahalgam, so the pilgrims supported the move. Now the weather has cleared for the yatra and it has resumed. I wish them good luck. We have been waiting here for three days but we did not face any problem regarding food and stay arrangements. Women pilgrims felt safe that the yatra was halted as landsliding news was coming in. They appreciated the administration’s decision. We are getting such a good arrangement here, we are lucky that we are here. We are getting what we had not expected. There are a lot of facilities here and very good arrangements are provided to the pilgrims. Pilgrims who were stopped should have a little patience because even God tests its devotees, said other pilgrims. Have patience and you will be rewarded. We have come to the court of Bhole Baba, he should not let anyone go empty handed, this is our only prayer, devotees wait till the call comes from Bholenath for darshan.

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