Wayil Bridge construction in Ganderbal nears completion

Since the last one-and-a-half years, the demand was coming to repair and extend the Wayil bridge in Ganderbal district of Jammu & Kashmir. The administration is serious about it and work is going on day and night to construct a permanent concrete bridge over nallah Sindh near Wayil which was a long pending demand. The bridge has arch truss girders, a unique engineering feat. In the coming months it will be ready, said officials. The two lane bridge is approved at a cost of Rs 23.79 crore. In the area of Ganderbal, people were suffering a lot because of the one-way bridge leading to traffic jam. Even school going children and everyday commuters and tourists during yatra had to face a lot of problems. We are thankful to the administration for constructing a big bridge.The bridge has an arch type steel girder with span 110 metres and width 10.50 metres besides, length of approach roads is 330 metres. Officials said the target is to complete the bridge by the end of December 2022. Small practical issues keep cropping up and these are getting resolved. The casting of the bridge is going on.

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