Transformative Shift | Baramulla Residents Urge LG to Name Bipin Rawat Stadium | Projects Launched

Transformative Shift | Baramulla Residents Urge LG to Name Bipin Rawat Stadium | Projects Launched There is a saying in our culture that once in a century a great hero is born whom people call in common man’s language as a servant of Allah or a servant of God. And I think that late General Bipin Rawat was one such great hero of this nation who won wars and also won the hearts of the people, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. The stadium named after General Bipin Rawat is standing in front of you today. The administration did not take the decision. The people of Baramulla mailed me that this stadium should be named after Bipin Rawat ji, LG shared. On the occasion, the Lt Governor Manoj Sinha inaugurated the Supply & Installation of Blow Moulded Chairs. मुझे सहल हो गईं मंज़िलें वो हवा के रुख़ भी बदल गए तेरा हाथ हाथ में आ गया कि चराग़ राह में जल गए वही आस्ताँ है वही जबीं वही अश्क है वही आस्तीं दिल-ए-ज़ार तू भी बदल कहीं कि जहाँ के तौर बदल गए मजरूह सुल्तानपुरी Both the mood and the ways of Jammu and Kashmir have changed, said the Lt Governor. Today, the foundation stone of projects worth Rs 16 crore and 47 lakhs has been laid and projects worth about Rs 20 crores have been dedicated to the people of Baramulla. To improve the basic facilities of the common man, his aspirations and his standard of living it is one dimension of the series of continuous efforts made by the administration, said the Lt Governor. I want to assure you all that this convoy of progress is not going to stop. The people of Jammu Kashmir have decided that no matter how many campaigns are run to honour the nation, J&K will remain at No 1. Till now, more than 40 lakh citizens have participated in the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra in J&K. And in Baramulla alone, around four lakh thirty thousand citizens have participated in the Viksit Sankalp Yatra. This is the guarantee of the respected Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi to reach the welfare schemes to the deprived class. I want to tell the people to come forward. The biggest catalyst of change is human thinking. And I personally believe that there has been a change in the thinking of Jammu and Kashmir. Therefore, let us help each other by uniting not just in numbers but in our hearts, LG said. Be helpful in improving each other’s standard of living. Only then can true prosperity come to the people. In the last four and a half years, the aspirations and dreams of the boys and girls of J&K have now grown. It is our moral duty to support and cooperate in the progress of this generation. Today, many farmers have benefited from HADP. Its goal was to increase the contribution of agriculture and allied sectors in GDP by two and a half times in J&K. I am fully convinced that even today I am a direct witness of providing benefits to many farmers. This HADP programme is going in the right direction, LG stated. I would also like to heartily congratulate all the colleagues who are engaged in implementing this programme on the ground. If we have to transform J&K, then the agriculture sector with 70% workforce dependent on it, will also have to be completely transformed. With the dedication with which you are working, I would urge you to work with the same dedication in the days to come, LG urged. A beneficiary of the government scheme said he was grateful to the Jammu & Kashmir government who has helped him and they have approved a CSC centre. We can generate livelihood as well as create employment opportunities. It will also help in the agriculture processes, said the Baramulla beneficiary. Another man in Baramulla observed that a lot of things are getting easier. Now all the processes are happening through online applications. They do not have to run to offices and can benefit from the government schemes. New technology is getting transferred into agriculture. Poly houses are becoming hi-tech. Earlier, the tractors were used for simple ploughing now they are equipped with rotor motors. With the HADP schemes, farmers are benefitting a lot. Educated youth should get involved, the government is helping a lot, said a man in Baramulla. If someone does not have money then they are getting money from the bank from any department. It is a request to the boys in villages that your forefathers have left a lot of land for you, you just have to utilise it. You yourself will earn a lot of money and will also generate employment for people. You have land, utilise it, approach the department, subsidy rates, everything is available. Now there is no need for guarantee, the bank is giving loan. Only the youth have to come forward, said the Baramulla man.

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