Tral Development | J&K Residents Witness Remarkable Progress In Infrastructure & Services

Tral Development | J&K Residents Witness Remarkable Progress In Infrastructure & Services The governments that have been in Jammu and Kashmir in the past have not worked so fast in the development of Kashmir Valley, observed residents of Tral, Jammu & Kashmir. Today, if we look at Tral, we can see developments going on a fast pace here. Even in the backward areas of the region we can see the governance that is happening today is improving the far flung areas of Tral which for so many years had no road connectivity, and so this did not happen in previous governments, residents noticed. Now you will see macadamisation of roads in far flung areas. People can comfortably commute from Tral to the interior regions, residents added. In addition, the hospital of Tral has been upgraded and given the status of sub-district hospital. At the same time, schools have been upgraded. Under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s regime, people who were very poor and who did not belong to any category were given homes under housing scheme. The condition in Kashmir compared to previous 6-7 years is much better, said a resident of Tral. Our Jammu-Kashmir UT is on the path of progress. And we are progressing very fast. If we talk about roads, under the PMJAY scheme, concrete was laid in every street, in every corner, and in every village. There are more hill people in Kashmir, there are more mountains, so the roads till the top of the hills are now maintained. Earlier, the people who live in the mountains were keeping horses to collect ration. But today, small and big vehicles pass in front of their courtyard. They are getting ration right at their doorstep because now there is connectivity and the roads have become good. We are very thankful to this government. A lot of time has passed but no development was taking place. But ever since the Governor Raj came, we have seen that a lot of good work has been done in the entire Jammu and Kashmir as well as in our sub-district. The roads were heavily lacquered this year, said another Tral resident. They were fixed well. People of every village are now away from road troubles. Under Jal Shakti Water Mission, Pipes were laid in every house and water was supplied to every house. It is also a good fortune for us that clean water is available in every house, residents said in gratitude. In the tribal areas, tribal females used to travel 2-3 km to fetch water. Now their time and effort is saved. But today they want to come on the path of further progress. And indeed, women are taking up sewing work or other such works to be on the path of great progress. Our water issue has also got cleared under Jal Jeevan Shakti and overall everything is ok, said Tral residents in J&K.

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