Tourism Directorate Jammu organises Mega ‘Jammu Kite Festival’ at Bahu Ropeway Station

JAMMU, SEPTEMBER 06: The Directorate of Tourism, Jammu today organized another edition of the iconic “Jammu Kite Festival” at the enchanting Bahu Ropeway Station to celebrate the joyous festival of ‘Shri Krishna Janmashtami’.
Jammu Ropeway is an engineering marvel which seamlessly connects key pilgrimage landmarks in Jammu city, while presenting a breathtaking and idyllic panorama of the majestic River Tawi and the myriad temples adorning both banks of its serene waters.
The spectacular celebration of this grand event enthralled the attendees and left an indelible mark on the hearts of all the participants, showcasing the vibrant traditions of the city. Against the backdrop of azure skies, the Kite Festival transformed Jammu into a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colors, attracting participants from every corner of the city to partake in a morning of boundless fun and excitement. In Jammu, Janmashtami festival is also traditionally associated with Kite Flying, symbolizing a vibrant and symbolic way to honor Lord Krishna’s birth and teachings while fostering a sense of community and tradition.
The grand inauguration of the festival was a moment of pure delight as Sachin Kumar Vaishya Deputy Commissioner Jammu, sent the first kite soaring into the sky while being joined by Director Tourism Jammu, Vivekanand Rai, Joint Director Tourism Jammu, Sunaina Sharma Mehta and local stakeholders among other prominent personalities.
DC Jammu emphasized the profound cultural connection that kite flying holds, evoking cherished memories of childhood. He commended the Directorate of Tourism, Jammu, for organising this vibrant event that beautifully celebrates the rich heritage of the region.
Director Tourism Jammu further highlighted the enduring significance of kites in our heritage, symbolizing various festivals and emotions. He expressed his sincere gratitude to the people of Jammu for their enthusiastic response and their commitment to flying kites with Indian thread. He extended a warm invitation to the public to visit the Bahu Ropeway Station and immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring marvel and breathtaking views it offers.
Sunaina Sharma Mehta, Joint Director Tourism, while speaking on the occasion stated that the event was meticulously designed to offer the people of Jammu an exhilarating kite-flying experience, combined with captivating music and delightful feasting. Beyond being a competition, this event serves as a journey back to our childhood and a celebration of our cultural roots. She fervently implored the residents to come luxuriate themselves in an unmatched experience of mesmerizing gondola ride at the heart of Jammu City.
Furthermore, Ms. Mehta highlighted the promotion of the pilgrimage circuit in Jammu, mentioning iconic pilgrimage spots like Raghunath Ji Temple, Ranbireshwar Temple, Bawe Wali Mata Temple, Mohmaya Temple, Harki Paudi Temple, Peer Kho, and Sri Venkateshwar Swamy Balaji Temple among other pious temples and holy shrines across Jammu city. She emphasized that these spiritual landmarks are an integral part of Jammu’s cultural heritage and contribute significantly to the overall tourism experience.
Over a hundred passionate kite aficionados graced the event, transforming the sky into a breathtaking canvas of kites in various shapes, sizes and hues, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle.
The Ropeway arena resonated with the exhilarating sounds of snapping kites, as the crowd joined in a chorus of ‘Chal Gayi Aaa’ -typically symbolizing the celebratory note of kite flying zeal and passion across Jammu. Notably, Shubang Sethi claimed the prestigious first prize of Rs. 3000/-, while Himanshu Gupta and Kunal Goria secured the second (Rs. 2000/-) and third (Rs. 1000/-) prizes, respectively.
Certificates of Appreciation were also bestowed upon all participants, recognizing their remarkable skills and boundless enthusiasm towards Kite Flying.
Abdul Jabbar, Deputy Director Tourism, added that the skies filled with brilliantly colored kites, gracefully dancing in the wind, created an atmosphere of pure joy, color, and excitement for one and all present at the occasion. The Kite Festival has successfully spread positivity and delight in this season of festivities.
The festival was also graced by Sugandhi Banotra Bharti, AD Tourism Jammu, Mohammad. Arif Lone,AD (NHW) Batote, travel trade fraternity members including Capt. Anil Gaur (President TAAJ), Rajinder sharma(Gen. Secy. TAAJ) along with Rakesh Koul and Sohail Wani from J&K Cable Car Corporation among other officers and officials from Tourism Department and District Administration Jammu.

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