Swachh Bharat Mission making cleanliness visible by sweeping away garbage dumps in J&K’s Tral

A lot of changes have come in Block Tral in Jammu and Kashmir after the Swachh Bharat Mission promoted by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Villages used to be dirty. People were not aware of how to dispose off the garbage and what to do about it. Now with the Swachh Bharat Mission they are becoming aware. The Tral Panchayat is also working to make the cleanliness campaign successful, said a Panchayat worker. A dust worker comes in a lorry to collect dust from homes. People accumulate garbage and hand it over to the dust worker who then takes the garbage lorry to a dumping ground. With this change, the roads started staying clean and the village became clean and looked beautiful no less than any town. Residents said how earlier people used to throw dust out of their homes on the roads not caring that people pass by. Now the dust lorry comes everyday to pick up garbage. Now the garbage dumps in public places have disappeared because of the Swachh Bharat Mission, said an elderly in Tral. Due to the initiative by the rural department, cleanliness is visible in every street. The global solid waste management programme is essentially to segregate plastic, dry waste and wet waste. The plastics can be given to entrepreneurs or government departments to use in making roads. The wet waste goes to compost pits to make vermicompost that will be used for the betterment of the said Panchayat.

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