Suresh Gupta chairs Public Darbar at Sports Stadium, Purmandal

SAMBA, FEBRUARY 14: Principal Secretary Culture, Suresh Kumar Gupta, chaired a Public Darbar at the Sports Stadium Purmandal here, aimed at addressing community grievances and evaluating the developmental landscape of the district.
The event witnessed active participation from various delegations, including representatives from the District Development Council (DDC), local residents, social workers, former Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs), and members of Block Development Councils (BDCs).
Among the key concerns voiced by the locals were issues pertaining to road connectivity in Purmandal and Paddal areas, the need for the upgradation of healthcare facilities at PHC Purmandal, increased availability of bus services, establishment of vegetable markets, mitigation of monkey menace causing crop damage, irregular power supply, water scarcity in Deon and Purmandal areas, demand for Aadhar enrollment camps, and restoration of historical sites such as old havelis and baulis, along with addressing concerns related to illegal mining activities.
Various delegations, social workers etc also submitted a memorandum outlining their demands to the Principal Secretary.
In his address, Principal Secretary emphasized the profound religious and cultural significance of Purmandal. He stated that the restoration of cultural heritage as a paramount priority of the government, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to preserving the essence of our heritage.
He underscored that the restoration efforts extend far beyond mere buildings; they encapsulate the very soul of the region, serving as a beacon of its identity and cherished traditions.
Suresh Gupta urged sectoral officers to conduct thorough ground assessments before planning and incorporating community feedback into development plans. He highlighted initiatives such as “Back to Village” and public darbars as essential tools for understanding the actual needs of the people. Additionally, effective measures to control the monkey menace were discussed and suggested to the local community.
DC Samba Abhishek Sharma, ADDC Samba Rajinder Singh, PO ICDS Dr. Subhash, DDC Purmandal Avtar Singh and other senior officers of the district administration were also present at the occasion.

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