Students in Kashmir prepare accident prevention model to save lives

In Jammu and Kashmir a lot of accidents take place at tricky mountainous zones. As part of the Science Exhibition, we students thought of giving something valuable to the Valley and the nation. So we prepared a model that can help in preventing accidents and saving precious and innocent lives. Accidents ruin families as people lose their loved ones and supporters. The students took seven days to prepare the model for the Science Exhibition. This model can be used as an accident prevention model at a prime zone. At a prime zone, when a car is coming from one side and it cannot see whether another car is coming from the opposite direction or not, the model system gives an alarm to indicate that another car is coming in the opposite direction. So the driver will know and stop his car and if he is on the wrong track, move to the right track. And if he is overspeeding he will lower his speed. By these preventable measures, people in the Valley can prevent accidents. The second thing in the model is about speed breakers and the road behind the slope. The model system starts emitting light so that cars know about the upcoming speed breakers and cars in the opposite direction.

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