Stop killing innocents, Muslim community calls out against terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir

Stop killing innocents, people of Jammu and Kashmir have always vehemently protested against terrorist killings taking to the streets on account of the gruesome acts happening in their society. In Kulgam people had earlier protested against the terrorist attack on a Kashmiri Pandit school teacher Rajni Bala in Kulgam. The people had protested saying they will fight against the killings. This is a killing on humanity. The killings of innocent, unarmed people is a sin. We request the Lieutenant Governor administration to keep the minorities and weak people safe. We strictly condemn this inhuman act. For this act, even our religion does not allow us to kill any unarmed human being. The Muslims, youth, party workers and NGOs everyone stands for Hindu Pandit community. Kashmiri Pandit’s saviour is Kashmiri Muslims, people raised slogans. Stop killing innocents! Jammu and Kashmir people are repeating their pleas.

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