Srinagar Smart City’s Electric Buses | App-based Convenience | Over 5 Lakh Chose To Travel Smart

Srinagar Smart City’s Electric Buses | App-based Convenience | Over 5 Lakh Chose To Travel Smart This is the Smart Electricity Bus of Srinagar Smart City. Be it morning or evening or the scorching heat of summer or the dark clouds of winter, you will see this bus in every corner of Srinagar. In the last two months, this bus service got so much promotion that five lakh people gave preference to it, team Kashmir Ahead reported. Congratulations to the citizens of Srinagar. Let us ask people how they feel traveling in this new electric bus. Have you noticed any difference between the old diesel buses and new electric buses? A female passenger found the electric buses much more comfortable as these are fitted with air-conditioners. Travelling in old diesel buses was more hectic, said the female passenger. The bus stops at the designated stops. It has an app called ‘Chalo App’ that lets you know the timings and arrival of buses so we can start from home when the bus is about to arrive to save time. Old diesel buses used to take a lot of time, they used to run slowly and move as per their own wish. The Smart City electric bus has a decent speed and we reach our destination comfortably. An elderly person travelling in the Srinagar Smart City Bus said he used to take one-and-a-half hour to reach Dargah from Lal Chowk in the old buses. The old buses used to get overloaded and stop for 10 minutes whether passengers were there at the stop or not. The females in general travelling in the Srinagar Smart City Bus said that they felt comfort while travelling in the electric bus. One female said she preferred this bus since the service started and has been regularly using it. In the new buses, ladies seats are designated. So they feel more comfortable travelling being seated and they do not have to feel the shocks. This is the first time I am travelling in the electric bus and I am feeling nice, said a female youth. The old buses used to get overloaded and we did not feel comfortable travelling in them. A person can sit in this bus and be tension free. This is a good initiative of the government that buses are free of noise pollution. We are grateful to the government for starting the Smart Bus service. Kashmir Ahead spoke to many people and they were happy that the government took this step and they do not have to travel in crowded buses. The driver riding the bus also felt a nice change from driving the diesel and CNG buses. The electric buses are more comfortable, the driver said. There is a seat for the handicapped. The buses stop to board handicap persons. The buses are equipped with ACs to cool during summers and provide heat during winters. The ladies and gents seats are separated. The buses run till late in the night and passengers can reach home comfortably till twelve in the night also. The buses start operating by six am. The electric bus services run on time and the Chalo App helps the passengers to time their travel. CCTV cameras are placed inside the bus. There is no risk of theft, the driver explained. Ladies are safe in the bus and if there is any item left behind it is duly returned to the passenger. The Chalo App shows the location where the bus is and in how much time it will reach the next stop, the electric bus driver added. Kashmir Ahead team travelled from Hazratbal to Lal Chowk. If you find any shortcomings in this service, you can share your opinion on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube account. So that we can forward your feedback to the government.

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