Srinagar Ranks First across India in implementation of JJM among Har Ghar Jal Certified Districts

SRINAGAR AUGUST 07:- In one more major recognition, the Srinagar District has been Ranked as the top performing District under Jal Jeevan Survekshan(JJS-2023) among 114 Har Ghar Jal Certified Villages across the Country in the implementation of the Jal Jeevan Mission(JJM) during October, 01, 2022 to June 30, 2023.
The Srinagar District has attained the top rank in implementation of JJM by obtaining highest score of 83.0 under set parameters and indicators of JJS-2023.
The activities during this period for achieving the top rank were conducted under the overall supervision of the Deputy Commissioner Srinagar, Mohammad Aijaz Asad(Chairman JJM Board Srinagar) include completing water Quality testing of all the sources of different villages of Srinagar for Physical, Bacteriological and Chemical Parameters which plays a crucial role in ensuring the provision of clean and safe drinking water to rural households.
The mission emphasizes regular and comprehensive testing of water sources such as borewells, handpumps, springs, and surface water bodies to assess their suitability for human consumption and the sources of all the villages have been tested successfully and meets the specific quality standards set by regulatory authorities.
Similarly, 5 Women in each village of Srinagar have been trained using FTK’s for conducting Water Quality tests. The purpose is to empower women with tools and knowledge to perform basic water quality tests in their communities. By providing women with FTK’s and appropriate training they can actively participate in monitoring the quality of Water sources.
In addition, Water Quality Testing for Chemical and Bacteriological Parameters of each School and Anganwadi Centre of all Villages of Srinagar has been conducted successfully with the aim to ensure that drinking water provided to children in these institutions meets the required quality standards and is safe for consumption as Children are more vulnerable to water borne diseases due to their developing immune systems and potential exposure to contaminated water sources.
Likewise, Water Quality testing of at least 3 Households from each village of Srinagar for Chemical and Bacteriological Parameters has been performed.
While, Geo-Tagging of the PWS/Assets of all the Villages of Srinagar has been completed within a stipulated time frame.
In addition, 100 % FHTC( Functional Household Tap Water Connection ) Coverage along with Har Ghar Jal Certification of each Village. Under FHTC every rural household of Srinagar has been provided with a reliable and sustainable water supply, thereby improving the overall quality of life and promoting better health and hygienic practices within the Community.
While, Construction of New Water Supply Scheme Poshpathri and Retrofitting Scheme of Upper pora Balhama, Augmentation / Improvement/Retrofitting of Pipelines at Balhama A&B.
Similarly, 2 Skilled persons have been identified for various villages for operation and Maintenance of Water Supply Scheme.
Under JJM awareness programmes /Cultural programmes were also conducted on the directions of the Deputy Commissioner in different villages of Srinagar to raise public awareness about Water Conservation , Water Management and importance of Clean Drinking water. These programmes were designed to educate and engage communities in understanding the significance of water resources, promoting water saving practices and ensuring sustainable use of water for various purposes.
While Pani Samitis were also formed in different Panchayat Halkas of Srinagar wherein local communities were part in decision making processes related to Water Supply Schemes thereby ensuring community ownership and promote sustainability of water sources and Infrastructure in Srinagar District.
Worth to mention that, Jal Jeevan Survekhshan (JJS 2022) is an evaluation methodology introduced by MoJS, GoI on October 02, 2022 to assess the Districts/ States on the basis of performance in implementation of JJM and rank them accordingly at national level on a monthly basis.
Under this competition District Srinagar has done some remarkable work in Har Ghar Jal Certification, Water Quality Testing through labs & FTKs, Training of women for use of FTKs, Skill training for O&M Staff etc.
Speaking about the achievement, the Deputy Commissioner Srinagar, Mohammad Aijaz Asad has said that this is a pride moment for Srinagar District which has been achieved through collective efforts of the Team.
The DC has also congratulated the team of JJM and urged them to work with added zeal and dedication to maintain top rank in JJS.

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