Srinagar artist learnt the modern calligraphy font from YouTube

An artist in Srinagar said she had been interested in calligraphy since childhood but did not pay much attention to it. But after the first semester of studying Economics Honours, she joined calligraphy classes. Then she realised that she was a little different from the rest as she learnt the art quickly in one or two months as compared to others who learnt it in a year’s time. Then she thought she should pursue this art in which she can excel. She does painting as well. She learnt the modern calligraphy font from YouTube. Now she has left studies to pursue art and wants to progress in this field and make her future in it. She feels she can give her best in this field. She requests others like her to pursue their passion so that they can give their best. Another male artist said that every child is interested in the arts. But to take it forward, very few do it. His journey started in 2013. He did his schooling here and in school he got a platform to develop his art. He requests others to start working for their exhibitions. This is the way to fame.

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