Sports infrastructure building up in Pulwama

The Department of Youth Services and Sports Pulwama is creating a strong sports infrastructure for the youth. In the recent past, National Sports Day 2022 was organised in Pulwama. A hockey exhibition match was organised as a tribute to the hockey wizard Major Dhyanchand, said Hockey Player Saeed Mosin. Volleyball Player Nooha said here we get exposure and learn from the different teams performing from various districts. This is a different ambience which we do not get to see elsewhere. Saied Faraf Mustafa, another hockey player said, now players are getting a chance to play and they are getting more sport oriented. The children are looking at sports to build their future. In every district, the administration is creating indoor stadiums, hockey stadiums and football stadiums and creating avenues for the youth. This is a good step they are taking to promote sports, said the players. Mohammed Maqbool, Physical Education Teacher in Pulwama said, this is a good step for the youth. They will be focussed on sports and will not get attracted to bad habits like drugs. Moreover, their health will stay good. The girl players in Pulwama said they were treated well, their stay, refreshments, breakfast was good along with the management and the ambience.

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