Sopore resident takes up Kiwi farming as a hobby, soon grows an orchard

Bashir Ahmad, a Kiwi farmer in Sopore, Baramulla in Jammu & Kashmir said he first got interested in Kiwi farming when he saw Kiwis growing in Shimla.He got the Kiwi plants and with great difficulty he developed them. He got cooperation from the Agriculture University and the Horticulture department. Then he was able to grow the Kiwi plants till the fruit bearing stage. He is growing two varieties of Kiwis. One is green from inside and the other is red from inside. Bashir said people think it is a very difficult task but it is not so. It does require care in the beginning. He said after experimentation, now we are developing plants from its seeds.Then we grafted it and did it successfully. The Kiwi trees do not need medicine sprays. It nears its fruiting stage in three years and sees rigorous growth. Its leaves add show and aesthetic value to homes.Just like grape trees, it needs a support system. Sometimes a government scheme is available to offer support to Kiwi growers, said Bashir encouraging people to grow Kiwis.

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