Smooth Sailing: Preparations for Polling Day in Kathua

In ensuring a smooth electoral process, the District Electoral Officer of Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir, has meticulously planned and executed arrangements for the polling stations. Prioritising accessibility, provisions have been made for polling parties in remote areas, even utilising resources like tea, horses, and mules for transportation. Safety measures for both personnel and equipment have been paramount, with careful consideration given to the delivery of machines. With a proactive approach to potential challenges, the DEO has addressed concerns regarding inclement weather, assuring that preparations are in place to mitigate any disruptions caused by heavy rainfall. Collaborative efforts have been made to ensure the uninterrupted flow of operations, whether through road clearance, community engagement, or the provision of essential services like electricity and drinking water. Furthermore, strategic deployment of teams on the ground underscores the commitment to a seamless voting experience for all citizens. By prioritising logistical support and maintaining effective communication channels, the DEO has demonstrated a dedication to upholding the integrity and accessibility of the electoral process in Kathua.

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