Shopian | Mobile Veterinary Clinic | A Lifeline for Shopian’s Animals | Residents Thank PM Scheme

Shopian | Mobile Veterinary Clinic | A Lifeline for Shopian’s Animals | Residents Thank PM Scheme The Department of Animal Husbandry has a Veterinary Campus in Shopian, Jammu & Kashmir. The Veterinary Campus runs a mobile veterinary clinic. A Shopian resident said, he called the doctor around 9 am and took the number of the mobile veterinary clinic. They took immediate action and came for help with the doctor. Previously if our animals fell sick we had to take them far to get treatment, residents of Shopian reported. Now we are thankful that the PM Narendra Modi government’s scheme gives us relief. This mobile veterinary scheme enables us to reap advantage. Shopian is a hilly area and sometimes in emergency cases the doctors do not reach immediately. That is why the scheme benefits people in far-away villages. Another resident said how he called the mobile veterinary call centre in the morning and soon after, the mobile veterinary van arrived with a team of doctors. They treated the sick cows who have got better. These days the cost of cows are very high. We are happy that this government scheme takes care of our animals too. And we are grateful that the government is providing better health of our animals at our doorstep. The veterinary doctors said that in the mobile veterinary van the government has provided free medicines. They also carry items for post martem. They are also enabled to carry out minor surgeries. We have surgical set and we do major surgeries as well, informed the veterinary doctors. We have done 4-5 surgeries through the mobile veterinary. Shopian residents said how through the help of this mobile veterinary we can save our animals.

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