Shopian economy depends on its fruit mandi, but the mandi itself lacks a protection wall

Shopian Fruit Mandi

In 2006 our turnover was Rs. 2 crore and 40 lakh says Mohd Ameen Peer, President Fruit Association, Shopian. The economy of the whole area depends on this fruit mandi at Shopian. Around 10-12,000 people work in this mandi and we are getting a lot of benefits says Peerzada Shabir Ahmad, President Pesticide & Dealer’s Association, Shopian. The youth who were wasting away their life now work in this mandi from morning till evening and take home around Rs 1000-1,500 per day. Many apple fruit growers have benefitted as they have got a good market in this mandi. A fruit grower Shamim Ahmad says, earlier, the fruits went out to only one mandi because of which their business was hurting. After the J&K Department of Horticulture, Planning & Marketing set up various mandis, the apple fruit growers are experiencing a lot of benefits. The fruit industry is Kashmir’s backbone. President Pesticide & Dealer’s Association appealed to the LG administration in J&K to create a protection wall on a war footing around the mandi and secure it. Shopian apple fruits are famous the world over and the Shopian mandi is famous in the whole country.

– News Desk, Kashmir Ahead

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