Shopian boy wins a gold medal excelling in Sqay Martial Arts

This is the traditional martial arts of Kashmir, says Faizan Ayoub, Sqay Martial Art Player from Shopian district of Jammu & Kashmir. He has been playing this sport since he was 13 years old. Faizan has earned the nickname of ‘Tiger’ because in fights he always knocks out the opposite player. Faizan had been preparing for the South Asian Championship that took place on 5th February in Nepal. Faizan wanted to bring fame to his nation in this championship at the international level. He won a gold medal in the 7th International South Asian Sqay Championship 2023 held in Nepal from 3rd to 5th February. Faizan has won around thirty medals. There is a scrapbook made on his first game and his progress and achievements so far. This boy from Shopian is an exemplary performer of Sqay Martial Arts. Faizan’s father is grateful for his success and feels for international competitions if more support is there then it can be easy for them.

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