Shiva devotee from Ukraine finds Amarnath yatra the best spiritual journey she has ever embarked on

A Ukrainian female decided to take this yatra for her devotion to Shiva. She said, I am very fortunate to experience everything that is so organised to make the yatra so smooth and pleasant for my journey. I met the most incredible people that not only opened the camps and their homes for me but also their hearts. Panjtarni camp has been like a family to me. They took me in like a refuge and made sure that I was very safe and very comfortable with everything I needed, the Ukrainian pilgrim said, relating her experience. I also want to point out that with millions of people attending the yatra, sanitation is on top, food is on top and the best quality. Everything everywhere is very clean, very well organised, said the Ukrainian visitor. People are smiling, they are here to help making sure medical care is always there to assist. This is probably the best spiritual journey I have ever embarked on, said the Ukrainian pilgrim. I hope if anyone is listening to me, this encourages you to take the beautiful yatra in your life, said the Ukrainian female devotee.

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