Sainik School Nagrota | Its Glorious Service to the Nation for 53 Years | Building a Fearless India

Sainik School Nagrota | Its Glorious Service to the Nation for 53 Years | Building a Fearless India Our ancient Sanskrit culture says, Let perseverance be in my right hand and victory in my left. The Sainik School Nagrota having dedicated itself to these ideals has been serving the nation for the last 53 years, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha On the occasion of the graduation ceremony of Sainik School Nagrota, I congratulate you all and extend my heartiest good wishes, said the Lieutenant Governor. Over the last fifty-three years, apart from serving the Indian Army, its past captains have also made the Sainik School one of the main centers of nation building. They have contributed to further enhancing its glorious tradition. Many times, after hearing the name of Sainik School, people might think that cadets are released here only for the National Defense Academy. Sainik School is just one aspect of Sainik School Nagrota. Apart from this, the cadets of Sainik School Nagrota have received affection and respect in different areas of nation building. And they have also performed their role in nation building very well, LG said. Every cadet here is marching ahead with the tide of patriotism to serve the nation and is decorated with leadership qualities like courage and bravery. The history of the last fifty-three years is a witness to the fact that apart from contributing more than four hundred officers to the Army, Sainik School Nagrota has also contributed in fulfilling the objectives of the society and strengthening the great traditions of the country. To provide new heights to the glorious tradition of women power in the Central Government, admission of girls’ cadets in Sainik Schools has also been started so that the goal of gender equality and equity in the Armed Forces can be achieved. Today, I would like to say to all the cadets that they will have to work fearlessly and with full dedication for a developed India, and a fearless India. The responsibility of taking the glorious glory of Sainik School Nagrota to new heights lies on your shoulders, he said to the Sainik School cadets.

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