Saffron cultivation to grow in Sikkim

To promote saffron cultivation an agreement has been signed between the Jammu & Kashmir UT government and the Sikkim government. Abdul Majeed Wani, a local resident of Pulwama says, we hope the Kashmiri saffron gets a lot of boost. Ganga Prasad, Honourable Governor of Sikkim said, the PM wants the farmers to earn double profit. With this approach work is being done. On this occasion, the Sikkim Governor along with Agriculture Minister was present and interacted with the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. The purpose of the meet was to do large-scale cultivation of saffron. A delegation of around 16-17 people had come from Sikkim for the promotion of saffron. Officers of both the governments discussed among themselves and worked together on how to promote the cultivation of saffron. The Agriculture industry can remove unemployment to a large extent, says Irshad Ahmad Dar, a farmer. This is a nice initiative by the government.

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