Sadhus joining the 2023 Amarnath yatra affirm their faith in Shiv shakti, shivling and darshan

A group of Sadhus have joined the 2023 Amarnath holy pilgrimage. They have come for Baba Bholenath’s darshan. This is the place where Lord Shiva recited the Amar Katha to Ma Parvati, said the Sadhus. All our sadhu devotees have faith in Lord Shiva, have faith in his darshan and have faith in his Shivling. The Sadhus believe that Shiva is Shakti, where Shiva is there, everything is there, where Shiva is not there, nothing exists. Sadhu devotees have come from far and wide to have darshan of Baba. When we sing bhajans, we see the image of Bhole. Nowhere is there more joy than we find in singing bhajans for Bhole baba, said the sadhus. Keep chanting the names of Ram and Shiva and everyone’s boat will sail through in life, one sadhu said. Shiva is supernatural. The body of the one on whom he turns his gaze turns upside down, another said. Shiva has no form, no shape but is present in everything, stated a sadhu. All is bliss at Amarnath, there is no shortage in service, observed the sadhu community camping at Pahalgam base camp. The J&K administration and Shrine board have made very good arrangements. It is going great all by the grace of lord Shiva. We are full of joy on being a part of the holy journey this year to the Amarnath shrine, said the participating Sadhus.

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