Rs 90,000 crore output can be gained from 29 HADP schemes: LG at Kisan Sampark Abhiyan, Anantnag

कभी बादळ कभी कश्ती कभी गरदाब लगे

वोह बदन जब भी सजे कोई नया ख्वाब लगे

घर के आंगन में भटकती हुई दिन भर की थकन

रात ढलते ही पके खेत सी शादाब लगे

पके खेत सी शादाब लगे

Whenever I see the fields of Jammu and Kashmir my head naturally goes up in pride because of the effort of my farmer brothers. The strong pair of my administration colleagues and farmer brothers and equally strong their intentions have done such magic in the fields that today the whole country is talking about you, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha addressing farmers at the Kisan Sampark Abhiyan event in Anantnag district.

The LG said that today the farmer’s son does not want to become a farmer. But with the administration coming to your doorstep with these 29 schemes, I am sure that after its full implementation, the farmer’s son will be the first to become a farmer, he will not want to become anything else. Today while making new experiments for farming, if there is a need for diversification of crops, then our farmer brothers are participating in it with full enthusiasm, LG said.

I welcome this change, he said. Whether it is Mushk Budji’s revival or Yellow revolution in Kashmir due to cultivation of mustard. And both our farmers and administration together with the resources that are being made available we are moving today in that direction that we should come at the top in the category of prosperous farmers of the country, LG said. With this goal, the Jammu & Kashmir administration and all colleagues of the Agriculture and Land Department are together working with you, LG assured the farmers.

Last year, the Jammu & Kashmir administration in collaboration with India’s agricultural scientists and experts and after discussing with many of you developed a plan of Rs 5103 crore named the Holistic Agriculture Development Programme. I am happy that many states are now imitating us. All the 29 schemes associated with the Holistic Agriculture Development Programme includes the voices of the farmer brothers, their experiences, the climate here and considering the fertility of farming, an attempt has been made to prepare the future road map of agriculture and allied sector through this plan.

It is our resolution that the income of the farmer brothers doubles in the next five years- this slogan was given by the PM Narendra Modi. Because of that slogan, many such schemes were started by the Government of India for the agriculture sector and the farmers. Two thousand rupees are reaching directly into the account of the farmer for the first time after independence every three months.

Around Rs 90,000 crore output from the agriculture and allied sector will be gained after the implementation of these schemes, LG said. Around 19,000 new enterprises will begin in Jammu and Kashmir if we implement these policies well. And around 3 lakh agricultural family youth will get employment. There is no match for the hard work and dedication of the farmer brothers of Anantnag. Because of your effort, because of your sweat, this year in Anantnag district mustard cultivation saw an estimated 20 percent increase. And new experiments in organic cultivation and focused efforts in crops such as mushrooms began. Three new organic clusters in this district have been established so that every penny of your hard work reaches your home, LG said to the farmers.

There is no country in Asia where trout fish can be named and Anantnag is not mentioned in it. In this direction too, efforts have been made to hand over the resources to the farmer brothers. In the last financial year, a good amount of trout fish has been exported in the two states of Sikkim and Tamil Nadu. The First Farmers’ Producer Organisation of the Fisheries Sector was established in Anantnag. And to promote trout farming on a large scale, the administration and the farmers are also trying. Its processing and packaging unit is also being set up now.

The speed with which India is progressing today it is estimated that by 2027 we can become a 5.4 trillion dollar economy. India can become a $30 trillion economy by 2047. In this progress, efforts of our farmer brothers in Anantnag and Jammu and Kashmir will be the big contributors. I assure you that in this journey of progress, the Jammu & Kashmir administration will work sincerely and earnestly to ensure that the right value of every drop of your sweat reaches you. I would request you all to actively participate in the Kisan Sampark Abhiyan, LG said.

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