Road construction bringing smiles on the faces of villagers in Budgam

This is District Budgam’s last village. We are happy that the Public Works Department, Budgam is doing upgradation of road. We had been demanding this for a long time as we had no road here. People in this whole area are happy that we will have a road now. Employment will increase and the road will attract tourists and it will help us all in many ways, said the locals residing in Budgam village. The government and the administration are doing good work said the villagers as they had to face untold difficulties in the absence of a road. When people used to fall sick, villagers had to carry the sick on ‘charpai’on their shoulders. The administration is solving our day-to-day issues related to ration, electricity, water, etc. When it snows in Budgam, we cannot walk outside. We are extremely grateful for the raod which in turn will fecth us many benefits for all the Budgam residents.

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