River Jhelum is witness to a variety of cultures and the highest level of human civiisation

From childhood, I have admired the history and culture of India and every state’s language and music, said the Union Home Minister Amit Shah. In a variety of genres, there have been contributions from different parts of our country. I know the importance of Jhelum. She has been witness to many types of research inside Kashmir for thousands of years. She has the privilege of being a meeting place for a variety of cultures. This Jhelum has seen Adi Shankar and many sadhus. Sufi saints also came within this region and so did Buddhists. The Shaivite and Vaishnavite traditions have also worked to reach their ultimate limits. And if there is a happy coordination of all this, then it is in the culture of today’s Kashmir. This Jhelum has also seen many difficult times. The streams of Vitasta were soaked with blood many times. It saw the attacks of the people, saw many changes in the state. This Jhelum has been a witness to the various ravages of terrorism. Containing all this inside her womb like a mother, this vitasta has always worked to give affection, love and enthusiasm to her children. Those who consider Jhelum as a river probably do not know the identity of human culture and do not recognise the height of human culture. This Jhelum is the main witness of the highest level of human civilisation, said Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

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