Rich cultural tradition of J&K gives opportunities to youth to get the best out of life: LG Sinha

इसमें खिलकर सुमन अमन का नित संदेसा लाते हैं सिरपर शीतल छाया करके प्यार चिनार जताते हैं अर्जुन सा योद्धा रहता है इसकी पहरेदारी में पुर्त हैं यहाँ करुणा के आंसू बोते क्यारी क्यारी में गाते हैं महदूर यहाँ पर कश्मीर की घाटी से राग रबिन्द्र उठाया करते बांग्लादेश की माटी से यहाँ शराफत और मोहब्बत की बहती रहती है धारा देखो ऐसी रीत हमारी ऐसा है संसार हमारा In poet Nadim’s words, an exploration of the literature of Jammu and Kashmir, the experience of various styles of art is fully encompassing. I think that if the rivers and mountains of Jammu and Kashmir had ever wanted to express themselves in words, they would have chosen the words of Nadim, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. Socio-economic development or growth is at the heart of every aspect of the nation, so is the physical infrastructure and our Sanskrit heritage and Sanskrit tradition are at the other end of the spectrum. The balance of these two creates the wave of life and society. If the society is completely modern and there is beauty of art in it only then it can be said that the progress is going in the right direction, LG said. This is how the new generation can decide the way for a better future. I would also like to say that the rich cultural tradition that has been ingrained in every corner of Jammu and Kashmir for thousands of years, it gives opportunities to the youth here try to get the best out of life. In the land of Rishi Munis, Sufi, Fakirs who have done the work of giving new consciousness to the whole world. Taking inspiration from them, our youth can take Jammu and Kashmir to new heights of progress. Adi Shankaracharya, Laleshwari, Nund Rishi, Habba Khatoon, Bulbul Shah and many others who have travelled to India and Jammu and Kashmir through their thoughts and writings have made the society experience the truth. Today, you will be able to put as many emotions as you want into Siri, Alexa and Robot internally. But the emotion of the songs and the feelings of it, the beauty of it, we can never fill in Alexa’s heart. And that is why it has been said that the age of these tears should be recorded… इन आसूओं की उम्र इलाही दराज़ हो ये आ गए तो हिज्र में कुछ दिल बहल गया May once again art and music, knowledge, science, literature flow along with the waves of Jhelum in Jammu and Kashmir like the past golden age of India, LG said. This is the need of the hour. खुदा की उसके गले में अजीब कुदरत है वह बोलता है तो एक रौशनी सी होती है

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