Reviving Panchtarni River: Massive Cleaning Drive to Remove Decades of Legacy Waste Dumped

For the last few years, it has been the prime objective of the Shrine Board giving priority to cleanliness and sanitation during the Amarnath yatra. Under the same objective, various drives are initiated. Today, we are cleaning the Panchtarni river, which is a holy river and the source of faith, said sanitation and cleanliness in charge. We are not only cleaning this year’s waste but also cleaning the legacy waste which was dumped for so many years. The initiative of the Government and the Shrine Board is that no waste should be there that can harm the environment. The drive focusses on this and all the sanitation and cleanliness workers are participating in it. Cleanliness and sanitation is not limited to a particular area. In a collective manner, we are cleaning the camp area, the trek, and whatever falls under the Shri Amarnathji yatra route, we are working on it, like toilets, washrooms, etc. These areas are cleaned in a routine manner by shift workers and checked regularly for cleanliness. The cleanliness process happens in night shift, morning shift and daytime shifts. We have maintained that whenever a washroom is used, immediately it is cleaned by our workers so that the next yatri can use it comfortably. This priority will be the same in the coming days. The checking will keep happening. We are going to give more attention to sanitation than before so that yatris get good service, said the man supervising cleanliness. We keep the Panchtarni base camp in pristine condition for every yatri. Every day a new yatri comes and for them there should be a new feel, a feeling of pristineness that everything is neat and clean, said another cleanliness supervisor. This is what we try to maintain here. The yatris are our guests for two months whom we wish to keep them happy, said a sanitation worker. I consider myself lucky that I am keeping the yatris happy. We take good care of the people, they also go happily from here. They will brighten the name of Kashmir and forward their hospitality experience to the world, said the sanitation worker expressing his thoughts.

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