Revitalising J&K: PM’s Udhampur Address

In a spirited address in Udhampur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi eloquently outlined the transformative journey of Jammu and Kashmir over the past decade, marking a shift from despair to hope and setting a robust agenda for future development. His speech not only highlighted the achievements under his leadership but also set the stage for the ambitious goals he envisions for the next decade. Prime Minister Modi began by reflecting on the significant strides made in tightening the grip on terrorism and corruption over the last ten years. These efforts have been pivotal in stabilising the region, thus laying a foundational platform for progressive development. The crackdown on anti-national elements and the establishment of a transparent governance model have been crucial in restoring faith in the state machinery. The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi proudly noted the comprehensive development that Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed, emphasising that the region has moved from despair to hope. Infrastructure enhancements, including roads, schools, hospitals, and electricity, have been at the forefront, significantly improving the quality of life and connectivity. Economic initiatives aimed at boosting local industries such as handicrafts, tourism, and agriculture have begun to yield positive outcomes, contributing to a more robust local economy and generating employment. Looking ahead, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision for the next five years is ambitious and involves taking Jammu and Kashmir to new heights of development. His forward-looking approach is focused on sustainable development by leveraging technology, improving education systems, and further integrating the region into the broader national economy. With unwavering support from the people, Prime Minister Modi is determined to continue the journey towards a prosperous and thriving Jammu and Kashmir, leaving behind the dark days of the past and creating a brighter future for generations to come.

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