Reopening of Schools in Kishtwar: Teachers bolster readiness for resumption of classes post winter vacations

KISHTWAR, FEBRUARY 23: The first day of opening of schools post Winter Vacations unfolded seamlessly in Kishtwar District, with teachers preparing the educational institutions ahead of the return of students on March 1, 2024 after a hiatus of over two month vacations.
Some schools in far flung faced the challenge of snow-covered premises, witnessing the collaborative efforts of teachers and supporting staff diligently clearing the snow to ensure a welcoming environment for the return of students to resume classes.
Deputy Commissioner Dr. Devansh Yadav and Chief Education Officer Prahlad Bhagat, conducted thorough inspections across various schools to assess the preparedness of the institutions for the imminent resumption of regular classes.
During the inspections, the officers emphasized the importance of creating an optimal learning environment for students rejoining classes after an extended break. They urged the Head of Institutions (HOIs) to ensure cleanliness and facilitate necessary provisions for the smooth resumption of classes.
The CEO stressed the significance of making the students’ first day back interactive and motivational, imbued with an ambassadorial spirit to create memorable experiences that would resonate throughout the academic session.
Furthermore, teachers and HOIs were encouraged to provide necessary support and guidance to students, especially in preparation for upcoming exams.
The collective efforts of the educational community in Kishtwar District reflect a commitment to fostering a positive and supportive learning environment for students, ensuring a successful transition back to in-person classes.

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