Rehabilitated youth in Kulgam implores others to get treated for drug deaddiction for a normal life

A drug addiction, kulgam, srinagar, jammu and kashmir, waapsi school student in Kulgam, Jammu & Kashmir explains his understanding of drugs. When a person takes drugs it seeps into their body and affects their brain. Then they want another dose and soon get addicted. A rehabilitated youth narrates his story. I used to take Heroin for the last six years. Whatever I earned I used to spend on drugs and lost my job. A girl student explains how for a fun moment of five minutes we are ruining our lives for a lifetime. It is a painful experience for family and friends. The youth who got caught in drugs found out about a drug de addiction centre in Srinagar. Mission Waapsi of district administration has helped drug victims regain their normal life. He got his treatment here and was back to normal like he was before taking drugs. The rehabilitated youth extends his gratefulness to the doctors who treated him well. This drug is a painful experience for the patient, and family members and friends also feel helpless in the face of this addiction. The rehabilitated youth’s message is for those who indulge in drugs to come to the drug de addiction centre for treatment and resume their normal life. Community participation is a must in our fight against drug abuse. It is a humble request to save our generation and the upcoming generation, said female school children. It is very important for us to take this major step to stop drug addiction.

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