Recognising the Significant Contribution of Herders to J&K’s Economy: LG Emphasises Their Vital Role

A two-day workshop on Pastoralism in Jammu & Kashmir- Issues, Challenges and Way Forward was organised at the SKICC in Srinagar on July 31st and August 1, 2023. What kind of policies should we make for the tribal community so that transformation can come in their lives? Efforts are being made to enable this community to contribute maximum in the economy of Jammu and Kashmir, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. I see it as an opportunity to promote sustainable pastoral livelihood and preservation of Jammu & Kashmir’s biodiversity, climate change, help solve problems of socio-economic groups and grow the economy here. The Charwaha or the cowboy profession is one of the oldest in history. There is a large population of people belonging to this business community in Jammu and Kashmir. This business of herding and raising livestock presents the dynamism of livelihood. This regional ecosystem, culture, tradition is deeply connected with our nature. There is a large population of people belonging to this business community in Jammu and Kashmir. Sincere efforts have been made in the last three to four years to bring changes in their life. The programs that are being run for them in the rest of the country should also run well here. There is a need to make a coherent plan so that their contribution to J&K’s economy is no less according to their population, LG said. I hope it will be made in the coming days. Efforts are being made to establish such a system that a new dawn can come in their lives. And they are not dependent on the forests, but the Jammu and Kashmir administration sees them as the guardians of the forests. We see them as climate warriors. The Lieutenant Governor thanked the Tribal Welfare Department for organising this event. After the two-day event, the churn that will come out will bring a big change in the life of a large population of the country and the world, LG said.

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