Pulwama’s youth educate about Voting through skits

Our vote holds the key to selecting leaders who truly represent our aspirations and address the local needs. Casting a vote is a right that we earn at the age of 18. It is a significant milestone that signifies our transition into the responsibilities of adulthood, entrusting us with the future of our locality and nation. The importance of voting was also vividly illustrated in a school skit in Pulwama J&K, which depicted various historical movements where people fought relentlessly for the right to vote. The skit portrayed voting as a powerful expression of one’s voice and a catalyst for change, reinforcing why every election is a cornerstone in the edifice of democracy. It also demonstrated that the act of voting bridges the gap between the government and its citizens, making it a fundamental duty and right of every eligible citizen. Moreover, discussing the benefits of voting in our school books and seeing them come alive in classroom activities has profoundly shaped the understanding of our democratic rights and responsibilities. It instills a sense of duty to participate in the electoral process and choose representatives wisely, as they will make decisions that affect our everyday lives and our community’s future. Therefore, as we near the election date, we urge our youth , especially first-time voters, to recognise the gravity of the choice before us. Let’s make our journey to the polling booths with a clear understanding of our responsibility. Let’s vote not just for the sake of fulfilling a duty but with the vision of contributing to the lasting betterment of our society, from Pulwama to the far reaches of our nation. Every vote counts, every vote has the power to mould the future, and every vote is a step towards the India we aspire to see.

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