Pulwama residents getting clean drinking water through Amrit Sarovar scheme

The Amrit Sarovar Scheme is helping people to have access to clean drinking water. The work by the government in Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir is providing locals the use of clean, natural water bodies for obtaining water for drinking. This is being done by cleaning the natural water resources and restoring them for good use. The residents of Pulwama are appreciative of the government for taking up this task. They are also grateful to the youths who joined hands in cleaning the water bodies.This is a lesson for all of us, say locals of Pulwama, to keep our natural resources and water bodies in good condition for our own use and better health. Earlier, the water bodies used for drinking were not in a good condition and people did not even want to look at them. Now, after cleaning, the water bodies are attracting people and they like looking at the natural resources of water. The water bodies used to get stuck with falling leaves and polythenes. Now with the efforts by the government and the people of Pulwama, the water bodies are being maintained so that people can use it for drinking purposes.

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