Pulwama hospital, administration and children join to rid society of drugs

District Hospital Pulwama staff carried out a drug awareness initiative to pull people away from drugs. All of them took an oath to not to use drugs in their lifetime. The drugs have spoiled the youth, said students participating in the Drug De-Addiction Rally. If the youth are destroyed, the nation will be affected. The development of the nation depends on the youth. The present-day youth is getting caught in the habit of drug consumption which is leading to several deaths. This causes loss to our country, children in Pulwama voiced their concerns. The children appealed to all to leave drugs forever. Whoever is diverting the minds of the children should be condemned. This is a totally wrong concept as drug only ruins their life. The District Administration addressed the drug issue with the youth. The affected should approach their parents, friends or de-addiction centres whenever there is a problem, said the officials. There is a solution for every problem. As citizens we must help those in need, it is like helping your own children. In future your children will inherit a drug-free atmosphere so we need to act now and rid society of drugs.

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