Pulwama Addiction Treatment Centre helping people to come out of drugs

Pulwama Addiction Treatment Centre

A month-long campaign against drugs is currently on in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The Directorate of Health Services Kashmir is holding Nasha Mukt J&K Campaign from 1- 30th September 2022. The participants were made to take a pledge to stay away from drugs. The Addiction Treatment Facility, District Hospital Pulwama is helping patients who have become drug addicted. Dr Syed Umar Mukhtar, In Charge Medical Officer Drug Addiction Centre, Pulwama says, we are helping your children come out of addiction. Only then the other children can enjoy a drug-free environment. Dr Gowhar Nabi, Medical Officer said, look around your surroundings at home whether anyone is into drugs, control should begin from home. A local of Pulwama, Muzamil Maqbool says, good health and well-being is the goal No. 3 of United Nations. For that their drug de-addiction target here is to reach every community, hostel and department. We should not give a step motherly treatment to the drug addicted as they are a part of our society.

Dr. Imtyaz Ahmad, Drug Addiction Centre, Pulwama said, UNICEF has been providing mental health and post psychological support. So anyone who is caught into drugs needs to come here for counselling and de-addiction treatment.

There is only one message: Choose life and say no to drugs! The drugs will take you towards death. So it is better to have a positive coping mechanism. Adopt a positive addiction other than drugs, said Dr. Ahmad.

– Kashmir Ahead

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