Proposal for Celebrating the Birth of a Daughter: A Vision for Gender Equality in Reasi, J&K

During a Social Welfare Review meeting DC Reasi decided to celebrate the birth of a daughter This led to propose a district-wide initiative to officially celebrate the birth of every girl child. The idea is to hold small celebrations as a token of love and appreciation, congratulating the parents and elders of the newborn girl on behalf of the District Social Welfare Department of the UT of J&K. This gesture expresses collective joy but also emphasises the importance of welcoming a girl child as a blessing, akin to the arrival of Maa Vaishnavi. Such celebrations can have a profound impact on societal attitudes towards girls, helping to improve the gender ratio in the district . The health department has been working tirelessly on this issue, and this initiative could complement their efforts by fostering a more positive and supportive environment for the birth of girls. By celebrating the birth of daughters, the society sends a strong message about gender equality and the value of girls in our society. It’s a small but significant step towards changing perceptions and encouraging families to cherish and celebrate their daughters just as they would their sons.This initiative aims to bolster the ongoing efforts of the health and social welfare departments, making a tangible difference in the society . Let us all come together to welcome every girl child with open hearts and celebrate their arrival with the same fervor and respect that we reserve for all new life.

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