PM Poshan takes care of the nutritional needs of school children.

The PM POSHAN Scheme plays a crucial role in addressing the nutritional needs of school children in Jammu and Kashmir. As a centrally sponsored scheme, it serves hot cooked meals to children studying in Classes I-VIII of Government, Government-aided schools, Special Training centre (STC), and Madarasas and Maktabs supported under the Samagra Shiksha Scheme. In J&K, the PM POSHAN Scheme is implemented to combat malnutrition and improve the overall health and well-being of children, particularly in remote and economically disadvantaged areas. The scheme follows the national guidelines, providing specific calorie and protein requirements to children at different educational levels. Implementation of the scheme in J&K involves coordination between various stakeholders, including the state government, educational institutions, and implementing agencies. Infrastructure development, supply chain management, and monitoring mechanisms are key aspects of ensuring the effective delivery of meals to school children across the region. Given the unique socio-economic and geographical challenges in J&K, special attention is often given to tailor the implementation of the PM POSHAN Scheme to suit local needs and circumstances. This may include addressing infrastructural constraints, ensuring quality control, and promoting community participation. Overall, the PM POSHAN Scheme in J&K serves as a vital intervention to improve the nutritional status and educational outcomes of school children, contributing to the holistic development of the region’s youth and fostering a healthier future generation.

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