PM Narendra Modi on Youth Empowerment in J&K

Prime Minister shri Narendra Modi delivered an impactful speech at the ‘Empowering Youth, Transforming J&K’ programme in Srinagar, emphasizing the critical role of youth in shaping the future of Jammu and Kashmir. He began by marking the occasion as a new chapter in the history of the region, highlighting that the youth are at the heart of this transformation. The government’s vision, he noted, is to create an environment where young people can realize their dreams and contribute to the nation’s growth. The Prime Minister underscored that empowering the youth is essential for the holistic development of J&K. He announced various initiatives aimed at enhancing educational and employment opportunities for young people, including the establishment of new educational institutions, skill development centers, and entrepreneurship programs. Modi expressed that the youth of J&K are talented and full of potential, and it is the government’s duty to provide them with the right platforms and opportunities. He elaborated on plans to improve the quality of education and make it more accessible, modernising existing institutions, setting up new universities and colleges, and introducing advanced vocational training programs. Fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship was another key point in his speech. Modi announced several measures to support young entrepreneurs, including easy access to finance, mentorship programs, and the creation of incubation centers. He emphasized that entrepreneurship is the backbone of economic growth and encouraged the youth to innovate and start their own ventures. Citing examples of successful startups from J&K, he urged more young people to take the entrepreneurial route and contribute to the region’s economic growth. Inclusive development was another major theme of his address. He highlighted the government’s commitment to ensuring that the benefits of growth reach every section of society, mentioning various schemes and programs designed to uplift marginalized communities and provide equal opportunities for all. Development, he stressed, is meaningful only when it is inclusive, and the government is working tirelessly to ensure that no one is left behind. Modi mentioned specific initiatives aimed at improving infrastructure, healthcare, and social welfare in remote and underserved areas, ensuring that the entire region moves forward together. In conclusion, Prime Minister Modi’s speech at the ‘Empowering Youth, Transforming J&K’ programme in Srinagar was a call to action for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir. It was a reaffirmation of the government’s commitment to providing opportunities and creating an environment conducive to growth, innovation, and inclusive development. Through education, entrepreneurship, and targeted development initiatives, the government aims to empower the youth to lead J&K towards a brighter, more prosperous future.

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