PM Narendra Modi in Srinagar

Jammu and Kashmir is moving ahead on the path of development. People here are going to get the facility of not just one but two AIIMS Due to the expansion of connectivity, economic activities have increased in Jammu and Kashmir. New infrastructure is being developed to make Jammu and Kashmir a smart city. You will see that in the coming times, this success story of Jammu and Kashmir will become another big attraction for the whole world. Our government is continuously working to advance the youth of Jammu and Kashmir in every field, from skill development to sports. New opportunities are being created today in every district of Jammu and Kashmir. Multipurpose industry port sites have been created.In the past years, Jammu and Kashmir has hosted the National Sports Tournament. Now Jammu and Kashmir is emerging as the Capital of the then Sports Winter Games of the country. Today Jammu and Kashmir is touching the heights of development because Jammu and Kashmir is breathing freely today.Freedom from restrictions came after the removal of Article 370.

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